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Installing print deploy

Installing Papercut Print deploy 


Go to  

Follow step 1 & 2 on the image


open the file downloaded on the bottom of the browser, A folder with the install package will open.


Double click on the install Package, The installer will appear  SELECT> Continue, you will be required to input the password for your device.


NOTE: after installed a printer icon     will be displayed on the upper toolbar near the WIFI & Battery 


Right click the printer > Select View My Printer

PaperCut Sign-in screen be displayed user your BHMS email EX: [email protected]


NOTE: After sign-in you’ll have two options under PaperCut logo 1) My printers here you can see printers you’ve previously ADDED.

2) ADD Printers Has the printer list Select INSTALL on your desire printers, The install could take several minutes



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  • 21-Oct-2021