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Enabling One-Sided Printing

When printing, users will have multiple options as shown below please use your preferred method.

1)  Top left corner on the toolbar Select File > Print 


2) Command + P is one of the quickest ways to get to the print menu.


3)  Select the printer icon which can be found on the left or right hand side of the website or file NOTE: this depends on which program or browser you are using.

When the print command is sent by one of the options above the following screen will appear with your print job and printing options Note: by default, the simple interface is displayed. 

You will need to access the advanced settings to change to single sided printing.  Use the examples below to make this change..  

Select the option More settings a drop down will appear


Select > Print using system dialog 

The advanced print dialog box will appear. By default, the layout settings are preselected. 

Click on the drop-down to change to finishing 


Click the drop-down menu for print style and select 1-sided printing.


Select Print and the print job will now print 1-sided 


NOTE: These steps will have to be done every time you need to print one sided.

If you’re printing from Adobe,  click on the Printer button on the Adobe print dialog box… 

and refer to the advanced print dialog box instructions above to select one-sided printing.


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  • 28-Sep-2021