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Epson Screen-Mirror guide


                                                                                                                                    Epson iprojection Screen-mirror Instructions

Please follow all the instructions

  1. Open MacManage from your application list

  1. Search > Epson > Click Install

  1.  when the application is Installed, you will see the following pop-up, Select > Open Security Preferences

  1. Click the Lock Icon, A prompt with your username will appear enter your password > click Unlock > Click Allow    

Note: your computer will need to be Restarted when prompt select Restart.

  1. While on the security & privacy menu select > Privacy > scroll down on the left-hand side menu, select > Screen Recording > Click the lock > Enter your Password > Click Unlock > Select > Epson iprojection

  1. Go to Applications > Open the Epson App

  1. The Following prompt will appear Select > Advance Connection Mode

Check Mark > Set the Selected Connection Mode as the default mode for future connections.

Note: Now you’ll be able to see all the Epson projectors on this list

IF they are ON, turn your projector ON, SELECT one from the list Click Join and now it’ll mirror your display.

Remote Control instructions:

On the bottom of the remote control select > the Home Icon

> Select your screen mirror page from the projector board

Congratulation you’re all set now you're able to screen-share directly to the projector.  

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  • 21-Sep-2021