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Using Google Workspace Group Lists to Send Emails

There are several group email lists that allow users to communicate with groups of students and faculty.  This guide is designed to help a user understand how best to use those lists when composing an email.

Sending Emails to Students

Emails can be sent to groups of students like 7th graders or 8th graders directly from within Google. Simply follow the format below:

<4-Digit Graduation Year>

Note: When sending an email to a grade level group, the only adults that also receive a copy are the program leaders (Roxanne for MS and Miriam for UE).

If you want to include teachers in the email as well, use one or more of the following groups:

[email protected] - includes core MS Teachers, Learning Specialist, School Psychologist, and the MS Team Leader

[email protected] - includes everyone from the MSTeachers group in addition to all VAPA Teachers, PE Teachers,  & Librarian

[email protected] - includes core UE Teachers, Learning Specialist, School Psychologist, UE Team Leader, VAPA Teachers, PE Teachers,  & Librarian

For Information on sending emails to parents and different groups of students (like advisor groups, grade levels, classes, etc) see the article titled Using Veracross Distribution Lists to Send Emails to Students and Parents

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