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Ensuring a Safe Learning Environment While Using Zoom

This article outlines the Settings and Resources within Zoom to ensure that you have created a safe learning environment for your students and colleagues.

BHMS has enabled and enforced several settings for each Faculty/Staff account.  They include:

  • Starting each meeting with Audio and Video OFF by default
  • Not allowing participants to join a meeting before the teacher arrives
  • Requiring use of the Waiting Room Feature (requiring teachers to individually admit attendees into the meeting)
  • Disabling private chat between participants
  • Allowing only teachers to share by default (teachers may enable others to share during the meeting)
  • Preventing participants who have removed (by the teacher) to rejoin the meeting
  • Disabling the ability to record meetings

If you have any questions about these settings or why they were enforced across the BHMS user account, please feel free to reach out to Chris Koble, Director of Technology.

Ensuring a Safe Zoom Experience

Waiting Room Feature - each participant will be placed into a waiting room.  You should ONLY admit attendees who have names that you recognize as part of your class.  it is very important that if a student has created a username that does not include their name, you should ask them to change their username so that it is clear who they are. 

If an unknown person is accidentally admitted to your room, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the participants listing and mute and disable their camera by clicking on the camera and microphone icons
  2. Hover over their name to reveal the More button and choose Remove
  3. When Prompted click OK. This user will not be able to rejoin the current meeting
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  • 03-Apr-2020