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How to "sanitize" a youtube video

YouTube doesn't always display appropriate content for students in it's advertising and related videos.  One way to ensure that there are no ads being displayed on a youtube video that you want to share with your students is to use the site  The instructions below detail how to "sanitize" a video so that you students aren't presented with ads or related videos.

  1. Identify the URL of the YouTube video by going to the YouTube page for the video
  2. Click on the Share icon (located under the video on the right side)
  3. Click on Copy to copy the URL to your clipboard
  4. Go to
  5. Paste the URL into the text box (click in the box and hold down the Command key & the V key)
  6. Click Purify
  7. Once the video has been purified, highlight and copy the URL and paste this link into your email or communication to students or families.
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  • 31-Mar-2020