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Using Veracross Distribution Lists to Send Emails to Students & Parents

Faculty & Staff are able to use the lists below to send emails to students and parents using their BHMS Gmail account.  To successfully send an email to one or more of these groups, copy and paste the appropriate email address into the To: field of your email.  DO NOT put these email addresses in the  BCC or CC fields-- this will cause the email to fail.  When someone replies to the email that you have sent, it WILL NOT go to the entire list, replies will only be sent to the original sender.

If you do not see your specific class listed in the BY CLASS section, it is because your class contains students from a single grade or advisory (you should use the BY GRADE or BY ADVISORY list to send out emails to that class).

If you run into any errors, please contact the technology help deskAttempts to use these lists by those other than BHMS Faculty & Staff will result in a send failure.

Veracross Distribution Lists    
List Name Student Email Parent Email
PS: Preschool
LS: Lower Elementary
MS: Upper Elementary
MS: Middle School
PK2: Pre-K (Twos)
PK3: Pre-K (Threes)
PK4: Pre-K (Fours)
KG: Kindergarten
1: Grade 1
2: Grade 2
3: Grade 3
4: Grade 4
5: Grade 5
6: Grade 6
7: Grade 7
8: Grade 8
2D2: 2 Day Twos
3D2: 3-Day Twos
PSR1: Room 1
PSR2: Room 2
PSR3: Room 3 
PSR4: Room 4
ATLANTIC: Atlantic Ocean
INDIAN: Indian Ocean
PACIFIC: Pacific Ocean
Students w/Advisor DiRenzo, Anthony
Students w/Advisor Emery, Thomas
Students w/Advisor Gannon, Sandy
Students w/Advisor Gately, Michael
Students w/Advisor Hines, Andrae & Rivera, Eliseo
Students w/Advisor Lam, Sophie
Students w/Advisor McBride, Gillian
Students w/Advisor Morris, Alexander
Students w/Advisor Nickels, Sade
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  • 14-Jun-2021