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Using Screencastify to record & Publish Your Screen, Webcam, or Audio

Screencastify is an ultra simple screen recorder that will supercharge the way you communicate at work. Record, edit and share videos in seconds.

Screencastify works only in the Google Chrome web browser.  To Download:

  1. From within Google Chrome, visit the Google Chrome Extension Store
  2. Click Add to Chrome
  3. When the Screencastify popup appears, click Add Extension
  4. Click on the Screencastify icon in Google Chrome
  5. Click Sign In With Google (make sure that save videos to Google Drive is selected)
  6. Enter your BHMS Google email address and password if prompted
  7. Make sure that The Camera and Microphone and Drawing and Annotation Tools are Checked and click next
  8. When Screencastify requests additional permissions, click Allow
  9. To learn about the different recording options, click a method below
    This will open a new browser tab... close the new tab to return to this article
  10. Watch this video of how Screencastify works

  11. To Save and Link to your Video, be sure that you do the following
    1. Rename your Video from Untitled by clicking on the title and choosing your own
      Change this...

      To this...
  12. When Choosing how to save the Video, ALWAYS choose Publish to YouTube.
    ZOOM Meetings or other recordings should NOT be published online if a student's image or name is visible!
  13. When the Publish to YouTube window appears, choose "Unlisted: People who have the link to the video can view it"
    You may be asked to login to your BHMS Google Account and give permission for Screencastify to manage your YouTube videos. If so, grant access.
  14. When the Success window appears click on Copy Link to copy the link to your video to your clipboard.
  15. Next, go to and login
  16. Click on Videos from the left menu
  17. You should see your video listed in the Channel Videos section.   Hover over your recently uploaded video and click on the pencil icon to edit.
  18. Once the Video Details screen appears, you should make the following changes:
    • Modify the Title or Description if desired
    • Under the Audience section, you should mark "Yes, it's made for kids"
    • Under the Visibility section, make sure that it is set to Unlisted
  19. If you need the link to your video again, it is shown right below your video on the right side of the screen.
    Please refer to your program head for the video sharing protocol.
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  • 29-Mar-2020