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Booking a Technology Resource

Here is a list of the available technology Resources:

To reserve one of the items above, follow these instructions:

Scheduling Resource such as TV Carts, Sound Board, etc, is similar to scheduling a meeting with another person.
Here are the steps for scheduling a resource:
  1. Create an event on your own calendar for the date and time you want to reserve the resource, then click Edit event details...
  2. On the right where is says "Add Guests | Rooms, etc", click on Rooms, etc
  3. Click Add next to the available resource.
  4. Save your event.
That's it!  This will put the appointment on your own calendar as well as put it on the resource calendar.  If you change your mind and need to delete or change your appointment, it will automatically delete or change it from the resource as well.
Adding a resource calendar to your quick list:
If you use a particular resource often, you may want to add it to your quick list in your calendar view so that you can easily check availability.
Here's how:  
  1. In calendar view under the Other Calendars box
  2. Click the + sign
  3. Click Browse Resources click on the Category and then click on the Box of the calendars that you want to add 
That resource will now appear in your Other Calendars list so that you can easily check for availability without having to go through scheduling a meeting!
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  • 02-Mar-2020