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Guest Speaker Technology Checklist

Guest Wireless Access

You can obtain wireless access to the BHMS Guest network for your guest and guests attending your event by seeing the Information Desk Manager on the day of your event.

Does your speaker plan to use a PowerPoint or other Presentation Software?

If so, it is easiest for you to ask them to provide a copy of the presentation and any other material that they want to use to [email protected] 2 days prior to the event so that we can load it on a computer for them to use. If this is a rental group, please be advised that we do not loan computers or other computer accessories (like adapters) to renters. Please see #1 below for instructions. If the presenter insists on bringing their own computer or the presenter is a renter, here are some things that they need to keep in mind:

  1. They will not be able to AirPlay from their machine to our projector. Their computer will need to be hard wired in via an HDMI (library and most classrooms) or VGA connection (firehouse). So, they will also need to bring an HDMI or VGA adapter so that they can connect our projection to their machine.

Does your speaker plan to bring a video to show?

You will need to find out:

  1. Is the video on a DVD, on their computer (or a thumb drive), or is it on the Internet? If it is on a DVD, you will need to request a DVD player as well.

Does your speaker need microphones/sound system?

  1. Keep in mind that wireless microphones are only available for events in the Firehouse.

  2. The portable sound system can be set up in other locations, but please be sure that it is actually needed. Most spaces at BHMS do not need a sound system (i.e. the Library).

Does your event happen outside of school hours?

  1. Somebody from the technology team likely will not be present at your event if it happens outside of normal school hours. You will need to arrange a time to be trained on the the use of the equipment or be sure that you know how to work the equipment.

Is your event a Rental?

BHMS does not provide computer equipment for outside rentals. The renter must bring their own computer and accessories to connect to our system.

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