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Process for Managing Divorce

Record Management: Process for Managing Divorce


When a couple divorces and one spouse moves out to a new address, Veracross records must be adjusted so that each distinct physical address represents a separate household.

Adjust Household Records

  1. Establish a new household record for the parent who is moving out.
    1. Execute a Find People query to generate a table displaying the names of the family members.
    2. Open the detail screen of the parent who is moving out and who is establishing a new address.
    3. Click on the “Select a Different Household or Add a New Household” icon/button
      1. If the moving-out parent will reside in a current VC household, choose “Select Household”, locate the appropriate record, click OK. (This scenario seems unlikely, but you never know…)
      2. If the moving-out parent will establish a new physical address, choose the “Add Household”.  Enter the new information.  The household name does not have to be unique.
    4. Update the Person Record.  These steps will automatically remove the moving-out parent from the member tab on the original household, and will establish a new household with the moving-out parent as the only member.  WARNINGDo not simply go to the household member table and delete the moving-out parent as this will remove the parent record from your database and does not just remove the parent from the household.

Adjust Custody Records

  1. Adjust custody records, emergency contact information, correspondence preferences and billing preferences
    1. Execute a Find People query to generate a table displaying the names of the family members. Open the detail record of the student, and click on the “Related People” link/tab. Each parent should be listed.
    2. Enter the appropriate data in the table row of each parent.
      1. Res: this box should be checked and dimmed, indicating that the child lives with this parent
      1. EM: is this parent an emergency contact for this child?
      2. PU: is this parent a pick-up contact for this child?
      3. Cust: does this parent have legal custody of this child?  The text of the custody column will change (after updating the record), depending on the status of the “Cust” checkboxes on both mother’s and father’s record.  Veracross uses these custody options:
        1. N/A : Custody is not applicable, as when a sibling is listed as a related person
        2. Normal: Traditional custody as happens in a two-parent home with both parents living at the same address.
        3. Sole: Indicates the only person with custody
        4. Joint/R: One of several adults with custody, R stands for residential and means this custodial adult lives with the applicant
        5. Joint/NR:  One of several adults with custody, NR stands for non-residential and means this custodial adult does not live with the applicant
        6. No Custody: Custody is possible for this person, but this person does not have custody.
        7. Med:  is this parent a medical authorization contact for this child?
      4. RC: does this parent receive Report Cards?
      5. INV: does this parent receive a copy of the Invoice?
      6. GC: does this parent receive General Correspondence?
      7. OTH: does this parent receive other school-defined correspondence?
      8. Notes: enter relevant notes as you prefer.
    3. Navigate to the Related People tab on each parent’s record and adjust the content of the relationship drop-down to the appropriate “Ex-Husband/Ex-Wife” relationship.
    4. Update the record.
  2. Review the child’s record. Note that on the “General” detail screen, the content of the Parent 1 field and the Parent 2 field has changed and should reflect the information you just entered.  At note-field is provided to record unique Custody Provisions.


Finally, refresh the household salutations for both households to reflect these changes immediately, otherwise, the salutation changes will not be reflected until the salutations are refreshed overnight.

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