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Retrieving Report Cards from Previous Years

1. Log into axiom

2. From the launchpad (rocket ship icon) look in the System Area in the menu that appears

3. Select Documents under the system menu

4. From the Report Cards Section, choose the program to pull a report card from

5. From the BHMS - Report Cards Screen, click on the FIND DOCUMENTS button

6. Click the school year under the school year heading (example: for 2015-2016, click 2015)

7. Select the School Level (that the student WAS in for the reporting period that you want to pull)

8. Click the Grade Level

9. Click the student's CURRENT ROLE

10. Choose a way to group the reports

11. Click Find.

12. Search through the index on the left to find the student

13. Click the grading period drop-down in the top right to change the grading period.

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  • 04-Jul-2019