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Adding a Printer

Adding Printers

BHMS encourages faculty and staff to print only what is necessary for their classroom or office and to consider printing double-sided.  In addition, color printing should be used only when it is required. Printing to copiers or color printers involves the use of a hold queue.  Refer to the documentation at the printer or copier for instructions on how to release a held job from those printers.

To install the Printer Software, visit and click on Download in Step 1 and then run the installer after the software is downloaded.

After restarting your computer, you’ll notice the Print Deploy printer management icon in your top menu bar (to the left of the time). If you click on this icon, you should be prompted to login into PaperCut. 

Logging In

Please use your BHMS Username and Password.

My Printers
Shows printers that are currently installed

Add Printers
Shows available printers to be installed. To install a printer from this list, click on the green install button.

*The 3rd Floor Copier, FacStaff Color and Basement Copier utilize a hold queue-- which means that it will not print your document until you go to the machine and release the job.

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