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Adding a Printer

Adding Printers

BHMS encourages faculty and staff to print only what is necessary for their classroom or office and to consider printing double-sided.  In addition, color printing should be used only when it is required. Printing to copiers or color printers involves the use of a hold queue.  Refer to the documentation at the printer or copier for instructions on how to release a held job from those printers. To install a printer, 

  1. Open System Preference

  2. Choose Printers and Scanners

  3. Click on the + sign and choose any printer that has “@ pluto” at the end of its name

  4. When the Add button becomes active, click Add to add the printer.

There are two machines that print color: 3rd Floor Copier and FacStaff Color
The high-speed machine is: Basement Copier (which can collate and staple as well)

*The 3rd Floor Copier, FacStaff Color and Basement Copier utilize a hold queue-- which means that it will not print your document until you go to the machine and release the job.

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